Aveo Vision Self Care Event


Recently attended a pop up event with Aveo Vision at Parachute Home in Hayes Valley, and although I attend quite a number of events as a blogger, I was really drawn to this one in particular. Going to be sharing more details and how Aveo Vision is disrupting the contact industry.

IMG_6871 2.JPG

The theme of the night was self-care, and Parachute Home was the perfect place to host the event. I mean, look at the decor! There were 3 stations setup, and surprisingly I had time to do all three while still getting to chat with the founder Cecile. The first station consisted of an express manicure (I’m always in the need of a manicure but I lowkey hate taking taking the time to go to a nail salon, so this was such a treat). The second station consisted of getting your own custom blend of essential oils. I got Geranium, Jasmine, and Orange. And the third station was a vision test.

So what sets Aveo Vision apart? What’s really cool about Aveo Vision is you can get a fresh prescription by taking their vision test and have contacts sent directly to your door. Today, contacts cost too much, and are a huge pain to get. Their mission is to provide better eye health accessible to everyone by offering affordable daily contacts with advanced technology. Cecile found a problem with the contact industry that she personally struggled with, and founded Aveo because of that.

Aveo contacts are also ultra hydrating, super breathable, comfortable, and give you HD vision with no distortion.

For all my contact wearers out there, Aveo Vision is for you! Also, get this: Your first month is free!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Aveo Vision