Favorite Spring Trends 2019

Dress:  @shopsugarlips  (Use FOX15 for a discount!) Shoes: Zara Bag: Pretty Little Thing Belt: Asos

Dress: @shopsugarlips (Use FOX15 for a discount!)
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Pretty Little Thing
Belt: Asos

1. White Heeled Sandals

I love this pair from Zara, because it has a block heel which is perfect for walking around in San Francisco. These ones are perfect for spring and super comfy after you break them in. Also, I just bought this strappy mid-heel pair (has more of stiletto) too. I’ve also linked a few more below that I thought were super cute for spring too.


2. Micro Bag

I lowkey hate myself for loving this trend, because there is literally no logical reason to buying a bag this impractical, but it looks so cute!!! What actually fits in this bag? Nothing, really. Luckily, I am a minimalist when it comes to wallets, so mine is literally a metal card case (you know ones you might keep business cards in). So it fits my wallet, house keys (not my car keys though), a hairclip, and some chapstick. Not bad for such a small bag.

Does it look cute in photos? Yes. And that’s all people really care about on the internet.

3. Hairclips

Honestly, I can’t bring myself to wear those butterfly hairclips I used to wear when I was like 12, but I am a fan of the pearly barettes and gold accented ones. Loving hair accessories in general. I’ve included a few I love here as well. If you are looking for a great bundle deal, Amazon is selling this 4 piece set of pearl barettes for like $10.

4. Beaded Bags

Hello, can I please have all the cute pearl bags I’ve been seeing everywhere? A lot of the cute ones are nearly sold out, so here a few I’ve found that are still available. On Amazon, here’s one that actually looks functional.

5. Beach themed jewelry

Whatever the name of this trend is, can I have a seashell in every category of fashion?