5 Days in London | Travel Guide


Finally got around to putting together a guide for London! I was there for 5 days for work (attending a design conference and London Design Festival), and these were the places I checked out in September. Luckily, I was heavily blessed by a week of warm sunny weather, so it really was the best time to be there. I wasn’t able to check out as many places as I would have liked, but will include spots I wanted to check out too. Keep reading for Places to shoot, Places to Go, What to Eat, and Where to Stay.

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Shop all my looks HERE.


Where did I shoot?
If you’re looking for good places to shoot, honestly it’s very easy to find in London. I mostly looked for neutral backgrounds/locations and city vibes. For the following looks below, I shot around the V&A Museum as well as in Holborn, London. I shot with the amazing @zoegriffinphoto who I was beyond impressed with. One of the first looks I shot was straight off the airplane (after a quick change at the hotel).

Places to Go & Places to Eat


Sketch is literally my new favorite cafe, and from the photos below, you can probably tell why. Afternoon tea? Check. Cute decor? Check. Aesthetically pleasing bathroom with a bar inside? Double check. While you might wonder if it’s overly hyped place, it is 100% worth the visit. I also found it to be very relaxing and not that busy on a weekday. Luckily, we were able to get in without a reservation. But if you are aiming for the “pink” room, definitely make a reservation in advance. While the Gallery room is probably the most talked about room, don’t forget to check out the 3 other rooms at Sketch. One of the rooms we sat in is called The Glade, which resembles a mythical forest with a fluffy forest floor carpeting.


Tower Bridge

A great place to catch a relaxing sunset view is at Tower Bridge. The Shard is nearby, and we stopped there briefly for a drink and for the views before heading to dinner. A fellow blogger also recommended I check out Coppa Club (by Tower Bridge too, which around Christmas time is highly worth the visit).


Bluebird Chelsea

Stopped here for lunch and loved their salmon! Great vibe for lunch or drinks. There is an outdoor seating area as well as a second level with more upscale seating.


Dishoom Shoreditch

Adding this to the list because it comes highly recommended if you love spicy Indian food. It was a little too spicy for me, so it wasn’t my favorite. But everyone raves about this place. Great ambiance for a restaurant as well.


Located in Shoreditch (the “hipster” part of London), this speakeasy-style jazz bar is perfect for a Friday or Saturday night drink. Great selection of cocktails (of course I ordered an aperol spritz) and charcuterie boards.

2019-09-21 19_13_13.997.JPG

Other Places I wanted to check out

Peggy Porschen (bakery/cafe) , Saint Aymes (Coffee), Coppa Club (Dinner with a view), Duck & Waffle (brunch).

Where to stay

Hoxton Hotel in Holborn

Located in the heart of Holborn, and a short walk to Covent Garden (great for shopping), the Hoxton Hotel is a hip boutique hotel with cozy rooms, great amenities, and an all-day lobby. Didn’t get many photos of the room, but there was a giant circle mirror (from floor to ceiling) adjacent to the bed. What’s really nice about the all-day lobby is that besides the bar and restaurant, there is an area of workstations which makes it convenient for work trips. The kitchen is open pretty late as well, which is great for late night snackers.


Hope you enjoyed this quick city guide of my London trip. Definitely felt like I left my heart in London 🥰