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Photos of me by:  Sean Darko

Photos of me by: Sean Darko

Whether you're an SF native or visiting SF, the Museum of Ice Cream probably crossed your mind at some point. I've never been to the LA location, so I was pretty intrigued when they opened one in SF! But is it worth the hype? It depends on your goal.

At a price of $38 a ticket, you can expect to get great photo opportunities and sugar highs. But it can be difficult when it's overly crowded, especially when you're being herded into each room in groups. Personally, I would have liked more time in each room, and a chance to explore the different rooms on my own. 

And now the second most important part: the ice cream. Yes, you get to try 3 different types of ice cream, starting with Bi-rite ice cream and ending with mochi. And if that wasn't enough, you also get cotton candy and pop rocks. 

Here were my favorite rooms, in no particular order:

1. Rock climbing wall
Highly underrated, but I personally loved that you could rock climb at an ice cream museum. 

2. Banana Swings 
I mean who doesn't like swinging under a canopy of bananas. You'll encounter the swings at the end right before the ping pong table and gift shop.

3. Unicorn
Yes, I paid $38 to sit on a fake unicorn and it was glorious. Here you'll be served a mini soft serve cone of "Unicorn ice cream dipped in magic."

4. Sprinkle Pool
You might bring some sprinkles home with you, but it's well worth it to submerge yourself in a pool of sprinkles. 

Outfit Details:
Dress - F21
Boots - F21
Backpack - Asos

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